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Volume of a right triangular pyramid calculator

The volume of a right-triangular pyramid can be calculated according to the following formula: V = 1/3 (Ah) where A = 1/2 (bh) (standard right-triangle) so : V = 1/6 (bhH) Explanation: The

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Triangular Pyramid Surface Area Calculator

The calculator computes the volume of a triangular pyramid using the equation below: Volume = (Area of Base × Height) ÷ 3 [ Note that the base is a Triangular therefore the area is ½ base ×
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Volume Calculator

volume = a³ / 6√2, where a is the edge of the solid. The height, in this case, can be calculated as: height = a√3 / 6 ~ 0.2887 * a, so if you want to calculate, e.g., the volume of a

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