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Words cannot describe how much of a help this is to me, it also shows the work, it on a graph, and all the vertical + horizontal intercepts and more, i'm in my first year of college and this app has been a lifesaver.

Robert Trivett

I am not using this to just get the answers. It's the most useful app when it comes to solving complex equations but I wish it supported split-screen, don't listen to the people complaining about the steps being locked behind a subscription, they're a business and can't just give out everything for free.

Jeffrey Carpenter

Damn, had I known about this app earlier in my calculus class I might've been able to get an "A," but a "C" is a lot better than failing so I'll take it and thank God for this app. This is very good now we are on lockdown and online classes i could use this to help me get the right answers.

Paul Warfield


What Does Mean in Math?

A dot stands for multiplication simply because nothing else in math is a dot. Since X is a common math variable it is not used very often anymore in because it is too confusing

Three dots

dot: scalar product: a · b: ×: cross: vector product: a × b: A⊗B: tensor product: tensor product

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