What is an inconsistent system of linear equations

If the solution set of a system is empty, a system is said to be inconsistent. This concept and its opposite are sufficiently important to be properly defined. Definition A system

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Systems of Linear Equations

Inconsistent System of Equations Of the three possibilities for the solutions of a system of equations, one possibility is that the system has no solution. When this is the case

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Consistent and Inconsistent Linear Systems

Inconsistent equations of linear equations are equations that have no solutions in common. In this system, the lines will be parallel if the equations are graphed on a coordinate plane. Let's

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Consistent and inconsistent equations

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Definition of inconsistent system in Algebra.

Algebraically, for such a case, a 1 /a 2 = b 1 /b 2 ≠ c 1 /c 2, and the pair of linear equations in two variables is said to be inconsistent. As shown in the graph