What is the equation of the circle

We can find the equation of any circle, given the coordinates of the center and the radius of

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Equation Of A Circle

We are given the following equation of a circle which we want to convert into the standard form: Note that (x + a)² = x² + 2ax + a² so that x² + 2ax = (x + a)² - a² So Therefore, this equation represents a circle with center at (-2, -1)

Equation of a Circle

The equation of a circle in general form is, x 2 + y 2 + Dx +Ey + F = 0 where D, E, and F are real numbers. To more easily identify the center and radius of a circle given in general form, we can convert the equation to standard form. Example:
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SAT Math : How to find the equation of a circle

If we place the circle center at (0,0) and set the radius to 1 we get: (x−a) 2 + (y−b) 2 = r 2. (x−0) 2 + (y−0) 2 = 1 2. x2 + y2 = 1. Which is the equation of the Unit Circle.

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Circle Equations

The standard equation of a circle is given by: (x-h) 2 + (y-k) 2 = r 2. Where (h,k) is the coordinates of center of the circle and r is the radius. Before deriving the equation of a circle, let us focus on what is a circle? A circle is a set of all points which are equally spaced from a fixed point in a plane. See more

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Equation of a Circle With Examples

The general equation of the circle and standard form of circle are given below with examples. General Equation of the Circle : The general equation of the circle is x 2 + y 2 + 2 g x + 2 f y + c

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