Which point is a solution to the inequality shown in this graph

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Answered: Which point is a solution to the

This graph shows the solutions to the inequality: y > (1/3)x - 2. Since, 5 > (1/3)×1 - 2 then the point (1 ,5) is a solution to the inequality. _____:)

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Using the graphing function on your calculator, find the solution to the systemof equations shown below.4y+12x = 102y-6x = -8A. x= 13/12, y = -3/4B. x =-6 y=2C. More than 1 solutionD.

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Which point is a solution to the inequality shown in

Q: Tell which of the points belong to the inequality. Show your solution (2, -1), (-2, 3); x + 2y ≤ 3. A: The given inequality is: x+2y≤3 If the given point is (2,-1), then x = 2 and y = -1, so