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Inequalities Convert from Interval to Inequality (−1,2) ∪ (−4,0) ( - 1, 2) ∪ ( - 4, 0) The inequality form is −4 < x < 2 - 4 < x < 2. −4 < x < 2 - 4 < x < 2 Enter YOUR Problem
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Interval Notation and Set Builder Notation Calculator

Inequality Calculator is a free online tool that displays the result for the given inequality equation. BYJU’S online inequality calculator tool makes the calculation faster, and it displays the

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From inequality to interval notation For the interval to inequality mode, pick the interval type and enter the endpoints in the appropriate fields of the calculator. The result - the

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Mathematics is all about dealing with numbers and finding patterns in them.

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Inequality Calculator

The Length of the interval between the endpoints x and y can be calculated as follows: Length = y – x Convert Inequality To Interval Notation To convert aninequality to interval notation, follow

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